YONGKANG TUDING HARDWARE MANUFACTURE CO., LTD- Health&Fitness manufacturer,15 years export experience.

Service Aim

Product quality: We have a professional QC Team to check the reproduction process of our products. Maybe there are not many types of our products, but we only produce quality goods, so as to ensure that the quality provided by our factory to customers is only of high quality.

Product price: We cooperate with many famous customers all over the world and have a huge and stable shipment volume. So all materials we purchase are cheaper than their other factory.The prices we offer must be very competitive based on the same quality level. 

Lead time: 25 days after receiving the deposit.

Warranty/Guarantee: 1Year with 1% free spare parts.

The customer is only responsible for choosing our products, and we will be fully responsible for all subsequent work, so that the customer has the most relaxed feeling of cooperation.

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