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永康市土丁五金制品有限公司致力于健身器械行业市场新产品研发与开发,奉行“品质第一、不断创新、不断发展、不断进取”的企业方针,同时遵从市场的要求,热情为广大用户服务,在平等互利的基础上,与各地区客商合作,共同开发新的市场。 我们坚持与时俱进,把新颖的生活理念导进产品的设计和工艺。我们有最好的产品和专业的销售和技术团队,使得公司发展迅速,并为客户提供最好的产品、良好的技术支持、健全的售后服务。对产品质量负责是我们永不变的经营方针!




TUDING Industries Limited was set up in the district of ZHE’JIANG, Yong Kang, in 1989.

Its products are separated into three series: Home appliance, Massager and Office automation.
Since 2000, With more than 10 years of experience and efforts,TUDING has become a leading manufacturer in this area.

Our factory covers over 50,000 square meters and has around 600 workforce who deeply agree that ¨Our factory is our family; be proud of our factory; keep improving and keep running.

Tuding possesses an outstanding office network and every department has their own latest equipments. This is one of the reasons why TUDING still attracts talented professionals. In an attempt to enhance our competitiveness in the market, we have upgraded our equipments several times. To mention more, TUDING has an integrated system from new product design, developing, manufacturing to sales service.

In 2001, we had been certified by ISO9001 quality control system. This step has enabled us to introduce our products all over the world. Moreover, in the same year, TUDING had been qualified twice for the environmental protection approval of ISO14000.

Our products, from massagers, household appliances, office automation to high and new technology items, are sold internationally. It is important to mention that except for existing products, we are continuously developing new items, either OEM or ODM, and even products from our creation.

TUDING recognition has been the result of our good service and our friendly relationship with our customers.
Welcome to TUDING. We put the welcome mat out to all directions. We open our arms to get any comments from you and we hope to build a long-term business relationship with you in the near future.

Quality is the foundation of the brand, quality is the embodiment of quality, quality is the guarantee of the market